Why is ALDI so much cheaper than other supermarkets?

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Why is ALDI so much cheaper than other supermarkets?  Curious shoppers want to know how they can offer groceries for 20-50% less than their competitors without compromising quality.  After visiting the ALDI Test Kitchen and headquarters in Batavia, IL last week I now have a better understanding.  Let’s clear one thing up right away: It’s not by offering inferior products.   ALDI products undergo considerable testing by their own staff and 3rd party consultants before deemed worthy of offering to the marketplace.  The ALDI business model has been so successful because of their staunch attention to streamlining the process from start to finish.

Why is ALDI so much cheaper than other supermarkets?

  • ALDI stores offer a narrow selection of 1400 high-volume products as opposed to the typical 40,000 or more by supermarket giants.  Because they only offer products with high turnover, their overhead is lower.  Perishable products like milk, meats and produce arrive 5-7 times per week, so there’s no need to rotate inventory for freshness.
  • No coupons or credit cards are accepted.  Debit cards are accepted.
  • Customers “rent” a cart by depositing a quarter, and return it at the end of their trip which eliminates the need for ALDI associates to corral them.
  • ALDI employees well-trained to multi-task.  Only 3-4 employees are required per shift, which helps keep cost down.  They are put to use in all areas:  stocking, cleaning, and checking out.  They work hard, but are compensated well.  In the Chicago area, ALDI associates start at $12.65 per hour.  Plus, part-time employees with as few as 20 hours per week are eligible for medical and dental coverage.
  • Stocking the shelves is also much faster.  Products don’t have to be taken out of the box at ALDI.  Boxes are designed with colors that blend in with the product packaging – an effort known as the ”invisible case” project.   Heavier things like flour and sugar are left on the pallet.  Milk arrives on racks so that 80 gallons can be shelved in just five seconds.
  • Stores use energy-efficient refrigeration and lighting.  New stores use a lot of natural lighting; older stores are being retro-fitted with energy efficient lighting.
  • Produce is individually packaged and sold by the unit to avoid weighing at checkout.
  • Sale signs are reusable and can be changed manually.
  • At ALDI, the checkout process moves at lightning speed.  Since ALDI stocks their own private label items, they also design the packaging for optimal efficiency.  With  3-6 large UPCs on each package, scanning is much quicker.
  • Customers purchase bags (or bring them from home) and bag their own groceries.

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aldi milk

ALDI milk arrives on racks to facilitate restocking

why is aldi so much cheaper than other supermarkets?

Multiple UPC codes on packaging make scanning easier

why is aldi so much cheaper than other supermarkets?

Products are shelved in boxes

why is aldi so much cheaper than other supermarkets?

Sale signs are reusable at ALDI

aldi labels

Sale signs are changed manually and reusable

aldi produce

Produce at ALDI is packaged to avoid the need for weighing


  1. One summer in college I worked as a District Manager for Aldi. This article is exactly right. Aldi contracts with name-brand producers to create the Aldi brand that you find in their stores. Each store sells only high-volume items, but only one option. There is no need for customers to compare brands, and Aldi can assure the producer that they will sell a lot of product. It’s kind of a win-win.
    Also, they are pretty good to their employees. The starting wages are higher than industry average, they do offer benefits for much fewer hours than everyone else, and the insurance options are CHEAP. In exchange for that, they work the cashiers hard. It’s all about efficiency. The larger stores keep 3-4 people on at a time, the smaller stores sometimes only have 2-3. I’ve seen cashiers literally running from one end of the store to the other to change signs, restock something, clean spills, ring up purchases, and sign for deliveries all at once.
    Overall, Aldi gets a pretty bad rap because people think the food is lower quality, but it’s actually the same (or sometimes better) than you would get at big grocery stores.

    • Thank goodness that Aldi’s is in the St. Louis & Illinois areas. They beat all of our big name stores HANDS DOWN !!! When you can get Dole Bananas for 29 cents a lb., as opposed to all others at 59 cents & more a lb., what else can you say ??? And that’s for the whole store as well. Most of all other products that we’ve gotten, you just can’t tell if they’re name brand or not. That’s how well they do taste. So many people here in Collinsville, Il. did not go there at first cause they were non-union. But after seeing what the Union couldn’t do for us when Krogers where leaving the St. Louis, Illinois areas, so what !! Kroger wanted us all to go to non-union & when it was voted down, they closed up & moved out. And now, Krogers is coming back in the area under a different name & is a non-union operation. Their stores will be something like Aldi’s. So please everyone that might see this, GO TO ALDI’S & NOT TO THE NEW KROGER RURAL STORES !! And it looks like Aldi pays well enough with benefits too. Put more Aldi’s ALL OVER THE PLACE, please!!!!

  2. Good article!

  3. Kq weno kq una tienda km ALDI ya esta aki en houston

  4. Inquiring Minds says:

    I have heard that Aldi’s is Sharia Compliant. Is that true?

    • That’s a really broad question. “Sharia compliant” isn’t a term that many Muslims use. They usually use halal/zabiha/haram, depending on what’s being discussed. Muslims can’t even agree on all of the individual foods that are halal- for example, so eat shrimp, some don’t. However, Aldi in the US sells pork, which no observant Muslim eats, and while they may have some certified halal/zabiha products in some market (I don’t know), I haven’t seen any in the Minneapolis area Aldis, and we have a really high Muslim population. Some Aldis sell alcohol, which is forbidden in Islam.

  5. camille orner says:

    When I lived in Toledo, Ohio I always shopped at Aldi’s and when I moved to Delray Beach Florida there wasn’t s a Aldi’s and I was so disappointed but last year the built a new one a mile from my home Yahoo Thank you Aldi

  6. I go to shop in Aldi every week. The store locates in Binghamton. it offers a much cheap price specially for food and vegatable . So for a buget tied person like me, want to eat heathier with a tie buget. the better option is go to Aldi.

  7. Aldi have a much cheap price specially on vegatable and fluit. They are fresh and in much lower price, like 50-100 percentage lower than Price chopper. I am in a lower food budget but eat much better than before with the heaithier vegatable and fruits.

  8. I love Aldi and am especially happy when all of the German products arrive! I grew up in Germany. The only thing I have found lacking is the produce. Everything I’ve bought other than the pack of 4 different kinds of lettuce & potatoes seem to go bad really fast. I rarely buy produce there now, but buy most everything else. So thankful they are close.

    • frugalbites says:

      Hi Ray – – Thanks for your comment! I’m trying to figure out where we are getting all these ALDI comments from today. Did you see a link to this article on Facebook? If so, can you share the link with me? I’d really appreciate it!

  9. I love shopping at Aldi. You can’t beat their prices and their boxed chicken rice is to DIE for!! One of the few processed foods I eat and you can only find it there! I have shopped at Aldi for 25 years now..just because of that rice :)

  10. ronda claire says:

    I have a lot of trouble walking so Aldi’s is no longer going to be my choice for groceries. By the time I get around the store it’s difficult enough, but when I have to stand in line and literally am “draped over” the cart it’s not worth it. I don’t know why there are no motorized carts there, but that stops me from being a customer anymore.

    • The walk through Aldi is maybe 400 feet. You start down one aisle, follow it around, come back up the other aisle, and then you’re done.

    • IslandGirl says:

      There’s nothing stopping you from bringing your own motorized cart

      • Unless they don’t have a way of hauling it around. It takes a special “lift” device attached to the vehicle, and they’re not cheap.

    • Most Aldi’s that have been to (I’ve personally shopped at at least 20) they do not ignore clients with disabilities. Their restrooms are accessible, the aisles are wide and navigation friendly, and most locations have a standard wheelchair available at the front of the store. Employees are trained to be helpful, and if you need assistance finding or getting products, they will gladly help you. Also, if the store had to purchase, maintain and charge electric carts, that would add to the cost of the goods. Every amenity that you add increases costs. The whole point of the chain is that they streamline as much as possible in order to pass the savings onto YOU the customer. If you require more assistance there are a number of things you can do. To continue to take advantage of the wonderful low prices Aldi’s has to offer, 1) You can hire a personal shopper(yes costs money, but the food is cheap.) 2) Ask someone to push you through the store on the provided wheelchair, (many people would offer to help you for free, but once again you could pay a small fee or tip for this service.) 3)Possibly receive some medical assistance that will help you with your mobility issues (not limited to, but could include purchase of your own personal scooter as someone else had mentioned.) 4)Lastly, give up on shopping at Aldi’s (which is what you seem to be doing already.) Pay higher prices at a different store that is most likely much larger and takes much more time to get through, but may provide you with the electric carts, and grocery carrying assistance you desire. Nothing in life is free, but it can be pretty darn cheap if you jump through the right hoops.

      • Good luck with getting ANY help from an Aldi employee! They strive to make it clear that they are not there to serve the customers–just shove groceries by a scanner, throw items in the cart and take your money.

        • Employees are trained to assist customers when they need help. Obviously the person behind the counter ringing up a line full of people is busy, but they can call for assistance. Have you ever asked for help?? Or do you just assume that because you didn’t see someone readily available on the floor that you were out of luck. Most stores that I have been to have friendly, albeit busy, employees that are polite and helpful. If you ask about an item, they will direct you to it, or even take you to it or get it for you. Sure, some people are just bad employees, or some stores will have managers that don’t hold employees to company standards, but those get worked out eventually. Complain to cooperate if an employee told you point blank “I’m not here to help you.” and it will get sorted out.

          • I agree totally, I have found our local store employees to be very helpful and friendly.
            GREAT prices and GREAT service. All I have to do is ask. NO, They do not waste money having a couple extra people standing around asking customers if they need help. I find that very annoying anyway.

        • referencegirl says:

          Weird. I have never been treated rudely or lacked for customer service at Aldi.

      • if you value customer service at all, Aldi is not for you.

        • If you want someone to follow you around and attend to your every need, then no, Aldi’s is not for you. Employees are trained to offer customer service however. If you ask where something is, they will take you to it, or get it for you. They don’t have a giant number of employees working at any given time, but if you tell the person at the register that you need assistance, either they will assist (if not busy ringing up customers) or they will ring their buzzer to pull up another employee that can assist you. Most stores have very helpful employees. Just like any company there may be a store here or there where the standards are not being met, and the way to fix that, is to contact ALDI to complain, and they WILL do something about it.

    • Pierre Lopez says:

      You are free to take your own motorized cart. Otherwise we all have to pay higher prices to pay for the carts. This is precisely how Aldis keep their prices down :)

    • In comparison to the big box stores, 400 feet is relatively nothing. I have had a hip replacement and severe pain limiting my mobility on my right while I wait to get my right hip replaced. The 400 ft or so it takes in my local stores is so much more doable than the stop and shops, market baskets, etc.

  11. Michelle H. says:

    I love Aldi. I just wish they would quit doing “seasonal” items. There are things ours only carries at certain times of the year that I would like to get all year long. The produce at ours has always been good. I , too, love the German items they get in.

  12. I worked for a company as a graphic artist and did many private labels for Aldi. Our products were fancy and expensive, except at Aldi, where they were dollars less than at other stores. Don’t know how they do it, but Aldi has a good thing going with good quality products.

    • frugalbites says:

      Hey Sally Jo – Thanks for your comment! I’m trying to figure out where we are getting all these ALDI comments from today. Did you see a link to this article on Facebook? If so, can you share the link with me? I’d really appreciate it!

      • I saw it on fb today, someone shared the link on a coupon group im in and i clicked on it…. dont know about everyone else but thats where i saw it

  13. Gina Swanson says:

    How is the Aldi viewing the non-GMO products?

  14. Gina Swanson says:

    How does Aldi view the non-GMO?

    • I’d like to know how they feel about GMO’s too. I have been noticing that they are carrying Organic items recently. I love Aldi – their coffee is all that I buy now, $3.99 for a 12 oz bag where other grocers they can be up to $12 per 12 oz bag! Does anyone know about their position on GMO’S? It will be the consumers like us who will eventually get the products labeled with GMO’s if they have them! Call your congressman, and check if he/she is financed by Monsanto.

  15. I was shocked at first about the way Aldi’s was run.it was so different from the conventional grocery store I am glad we now live(again) close to an Aldi store. I found this link on Facebook using this Hyperlink-http://frugalbites.com/why-is-aldi-so-much-cheaper-than-other-supermarkets/

    Hope this helps frugal bites!

    • frugalbites says:

      Hi Stephanie – Where on Facebook did you see us? Did a page post a link? Yes, that’s our link but I’m hoping someone can let us know where our traffic is coming from. Thanks!

      • this thing is just being shared virally, it’s all over the entire midwest’s facebook feed right now.

      • I suspect your traffic has blown up today because a Thirty-One Gifts director linked it, and I found it on one of her consultant’s FB page. It’s like wildfire, take it and smile :)

      • This article was featured on FB by Money Saving Mom this is probably how you are getting all the traffic. At least that is how I got here :) . Does anyone what is Aldi’s policy on GMO Products? I know this is a German company and also know that GMO’s are not legal in Europe but I am not sure if their products in the US are non-GMO.

  16. FYI – a friend shared the link to this page on Facebook this afternoon. We are huge Aldi fans at our house! Buy as much there as we can and then hit the grocery stores or Walmart. There are very few items we’ve tried that we don’t like.

  17. One of my friends posted the link and I clicked over — only because I love aldi!

  18. Your traffic is coming from a link on fb. People have just been sharing it from someone else, so I’m not sure who the first source is. This article has made me think about maybe stopping by Aldi a bit more. I know it has milk for super cheap usually.

  19. Aldi’s has basically everything you need, ie: product, price, quality, quantity, enabling households to live within their financial means. I love it!

    • they have limited product and no customer service. i don’t like to shop several stores to get everything i need to feed my family, my time is too valuable to run from store to store. I agree Hy-Vee is way overpriced, but there are other options without going to the gigantic poorly run Wal-Mart.

  20. This article is all over Pininterest tonight too!

  21. Aldi’s is hands-down, my fave grocery store! You hit on the lower prices, fresh produce, and efficient service, but I also love that so many Aldi products do not contain HFCS. I can spend 10-15 minutes reading labels at the major supermarkets, only to find that the 2 varieties of spag sauce w/o HFCS are $5 each. At Aldi, there are two spag sauce choices, neither has HFCS, and at least one of them is under $2. While Aldi does have HFCS in some products, is is absent in very many products that typically contain it. While I do try to carry in my own bags, my kids love collecting boxes throughout the store and helping me load it all up at the end. They’ve learned some great bagging/boxing skills b/c of Aldi’s system.

    A couple of friends shared the link. Agree that it is viral at this point.

  22. We woud love to see an ALDI in Clayton, NC

  23. Yes. This link went viral today. I saw it on Mommysavers. I shop at Aldi’s every day! Enough so that the staff and I know each other by name!

  24. I got this link from mommysavers.com

  25. Mommysavers.com also posted this link on their fb page. That’s how I got here! Very interesting.

  26. I saw this as a link on FB posted by Mommysavers.com

  27. I LOVE Aldi! I get everything I can from there and then finish my shopping at Walmart. I’m always amazed at how much further $50 goes at Aldi. I can get 3/4 of my groceries from there for $50 and then go to Walmart and spend another $50 or more for the remaining 1/4. Plus, I love to bag my own stuff, drives me nuts when cashiers don’t put cold things together or smash my bread.

    I saw the link on FB, from a page called Mommysavers. com

    • frugalbites says:

      Thanks, I love the Mommysavers Facebook page! (I run that one too) – Kimberly Danger

    • Just a Girl says:

      Or even more fun, they put other groceries in with raw chicken.

      True story. Has happened to me several times.

    • Kelly, you show good sense by shopping at ALDI–please don’t negate that by shopping at Wal-Mart. They are at the opposite end of the spectrum from ALDI. They don’t pay their employees well, they make every effort to not insure their employees and they have no scruples about what they sell, as long as they have put the screws to the vendors and manufacturers to squeeze the vendors’ profits down as far as possible, for the “privilege” of selling in Wal-Mart. They are only one step away from being a criminal enterprise, IMHO. Do your other 1/4 sopping at a local establishment, if possible, or if not, look toward another grocer.

    • well said JHH!!!!

  28. I found this link at Mommysavers.com on Facebook. I love Aldi! It helped us stretch our grocery dollar when my husband and I were raising our six children.

  29. Just went to Aldi’s tonight and picked up some milk and produce. When possible, I know they stock fruit/veg that is the same as our local food co-op, so good quality. I agree and wish some things were available more often (like pizza crusts seem to come and go), and tonight I didn’t see any paper sacks. I love buying the paper sacks and we use them to recycle our papers. Hope they don’t disappear. Otherwise, enjoy shopping at Aldi’s!

    Saw this article on FB tonight, through the Mommysavers.com group wall in FB.

  30. m guillotin says:

    FYI- found link on FB, posted by mommysavers.com !

  31. Is it true that Trader Joe’s owns Aldi’ s or vise versa?

  32. I clicked on the link from the mommysaver’s facebook posting if that helps you at all…

  33. Is it true Trader Joe’s owns Aldi’ or vise versa?

  34. Julie Andress says:

    I found you through a link posted on fb by mommysavermoms.com. Great article, I’m just bummed we don’t have Aldi in Colo.

  35. I love Aldi! I followed a link from mommysavers.com on Facebook.

  36. Yes, although I agree with this article, Aldi is only cheaper on a few items. Save-a-Lot actually has a lot of items that are either at the same price or cheaper and still have a wide variety. Plus they cut fresh meat, instead of prepackaged meat.

  37. Aldi does have a $10 off a $40 purchase coupon, I’ve received two and used both!

    • I would love to find a $10 off coupon for Aldi! I do all my primary shopping there and only go to other stores for the things they don’t carry. The frills they cut out are all things I don’t need and the employees are very hard-working and extremely nice. I enjoy giving my cart to someone just coming in; a 25¢ random act of kindness!

  38. I love Aldi. I used to shop at Wal-Mart because I thought they were cheaper. Then I switched to Aldi. When I wasn’t able to get to anywhere but Wal-Mart, I picked up a few items there and wound up ruining taco dinner night and a whole pan of lasagna. We like the Aldi brand so much better than the Great Value brand!

  39. Deborah Guthrie says:

    I followed a link on my Facebook news feed that was posted via friend-of-a-friend. I no longer have an Aldi anywhere near me, the closest one I think is Temple… around 5 or so hours away. They could do a HUGE business in the San Antonio or San Angelo area!!

  40. Robert Kellogg says:

    I love Aldi and have been shopping there for over 15 years. I love some of the Fit and Active brand items. My only complaint is that as I begin to eat healthier and healthier I would love to see some more organic items.

  41. aldi produce perishes so much quicker because the produce is not preserved with brome-gas (what every other Supermarket Giant does). That means: its cheaper, it perishes quicker, and its more healthier, since Brome is poisenous for humans (therefore the warnings by the industrie to wash the produce before eating).

    I dont mind buying produce on demand. means, now and then I got a spoiled product… but if i time it right, theres no spoilings at all.

    • Soak your produce in a bath of water and vinegar for 10-15 minutes before storing and it will last longer! Also, be sure that things are being stored properly. Some require fridge, some require counter and or dark closed container.

  42. Mommysavers.com shared a article by frugal Bites on Facebook.

    Do you shop at Aldi? This link is going viral! http://frugalbites.com/why-is-aldi-so-much-cheaper-than-other-supermarkets/ via Frugal Bites
    Why is ALDI so much cheaper than other supermarkets? – Frugal Bites
    Why is ALDI so much cheaper than other supermarkets? I’ll fill you in! It’s NOT by offering inferior products, it’s by streamlining their business model – Frugal Bites
    Like · · Share · 3453146 · 3 hours ago near North Mankato,

  43. I also LOVE Aldi and have shopped there for years!! When we have to go on trips for our kids sporting events out of town we also check and see if there is one in the area and do some grocery shopping when we get there for some things we can eat in the room to save on the cost of dining out for a week.

    It’s been 4 years and my daughter still swears to this day that their little pizza’s are responsible for her team’s world series victory. :)

  44. When are you coming to south Louisiana? We could use one in Mathews, LA.

  45. Aldi is an amazing place. Not perfect, but amazing nonetheless. Shopping there really does help trim your grocery bill and the food is delicious. I shop there primarily because it sells some organic food items at a much lower price than at the supermarket. This helps me to afford organic food, which is so expensive.

    Thanks for writing such a great article.

  46. Heather Vitanza says:

    Does Aldi’s carry organic food?

    • frugalbites says:

      Hi Heather, Yes – ALDI has a small selection of organics. I expect they will add more as customer demand for organics increases.

  47. Midwest Mom says:

    I did some reading about the company a few months ago. So many of my friends “look down” on shopping at Aldi. I find it much cleaner than any big chain store and the food is great! When I was researching the company, I found that they are tied to Trader Joes. Brother’s actually own the two companies. It is pretty interesting if you look up the link between the stores.

  48. I linked from mommysavers.com. Thank you for this article. With 4 kids we shop at Aldi’s all the time. We love the produce and there is no time for it to perish in our house…it is gone in a couple of days. We have also found that it is always faster and don’t mind taking the kids because they won’t be asking for too much…limited choices are the best idea. I don’t need 30 different brands of spaghetti sauce to choose from…I doctor all of them to taste like my family likes anyway. I am glad to know how their model works and we see the savings every week!

  49. From the sound of what they expect from employees they should be paying more like 20.00 per hour.

  50. I shop Aldi’s all the time. I enjoy yogurt for my cereal for breakfast and always buy the vanilla flavor in the quart size. It doesn’t get watery like Dannon and other name brands and is is half the cost. The granola cereals are awesome and I love the frozen fruit and the ice cream is awesome. You can’t the individually frozen chicken and fish either. No waste because you thaw what you use. I highly recommend them.

  51. Millysspot says:

    There is misinformation in this story. Aldi’s does indeed accept credit cards, and EBT/foodstamp card get your facts strait before you run a story.

    • Milly

      I have never been in an Aldi’s that accepts credit cards. The story is spot on. They accept debit card with the Mastercard/Visa logo, is this what you are referring to? If you have been to an Aldi’s that accepts regular credit cards, it definitely is not the norm. Just another way for them to keep costs down by not having to pay ridiculously large credit card fees!! Love Aldi’s by the way…..great ice cream!!!

      • They also accept Discover card, but none of the rest of them unless they are also debit cards. They do accept EBT/foodstamp, but I wouldn’t call that a credit card.

      • Aldi’s will accept a credit card as long as you enter a PIN number. No checks or signed credit cards. I’ve shopped there for several years.

        • My Aldi’s accepts cash, debit cards and ONE credit card: Discover. I’m so so grateful they do! Because I love using my Discover card. But I discovered most Aldi’s do not accept any credit cards, just mine :-)

      • All the Aldi locations I’ve been to in Minnesota accept credit cards, debit cards, and ebt.

  52. I also shop Aldi weekly and love them.

    However, one thing bothers me: gums in my dairy (sour cream, yogurt, whipping cream). I would love to see Aldi contract with dairy companies who avoid gums (like Daisy brand sour cream) which cause digestive distress in many people.

    Gums: guar gum, cellulose, Carrageenan, Locust Bean Gum, Xanthan Gum

  53. I love Aldi. I like what they stand for and their employees are so friendly ALL the time. Their prices are the best and upmost quality. I’m hoping they build one in Guthrie (Oklahoma) since I have to drive 30miles away to be near one. Thank you Aldi !!!!

    • Friendly employees?? I should say NOT!! I’ve NEVER run into a friendly employee at Aldi. That is a main reason I don’t shop there–VERY rude employees.

      • Perhaps you have been going to a bad store, and that issue needs to be rectified. In general, Aldi’s employees are friendly and helpful. They are usually very busy, since there aren’t many available per shift, but they will help you when you ask.

  54. I am employed at Aldi and I can say it’s the best job ever. Highly demanding, physically- definitely onto need a gym membership! I love my customers and my coworkers. Couldn’t ask for a better job. This whole article is truth!

  55. … and no, we do not accept credit cards of any type. No credit fees helps keep the prices down :) only debit (with or without a pin number), EBT, or cash.

  56. I used to think Aldi’s had substandard food. That is until I tried it. Then I believed and told anyone who would listen, “their boxed cereal is just as good as the name brand”. After reading the article posted recently on facebook, I am now thinking their boxed cereal IS the name brand, just boxed for Aldi. If you haven’t shopped at Aldi, give them a try. I like the fact that the shopping cart rents for $.25. No loose shopping carts hanging out in parking spaces or ramming into cars.

  57. Joyce Diana says:

    can’t shop there since they won’t take credit cards. We survive on SS and there really is no cash available when need to go to store. Credit card allows us to shop without the worry of running out of cash.

  58. Here in the UK you not only bag your own groceries ( you do in most uk supermarkets anyway) but you aren’t allowed to bag at counter, you have to take stuff to back shelf to bag it so then can keep their speed up. Do you have Lidl also?

  59. My family has been shopping at Aldi for at least 11 years. We can hardly tell the difference between Aldi and name brand products. My kids actually think kraft mac and cheese tastes funny, since they are so used to the Aldi brand. We spend about $125 a week at aldi, and I couldn’t imagine how much my bill would be at jewel or Dominick’s. Thanks Aldi!

  60. I have shopped aldis for many years. I am a diabetic so I loved their sugar free chocolate bars but mostly the SF popsicles until now. I used to buy 3 boxes a week because my grandkids loved them too. I dont know what Sundae Shoppe did to them but they are terrible now. They have no taste and taste like cough medicine. I couldnt even give them away. Please Please go back to the other recipe. I am now having to but the very expensive popsicle brand.

  61. Thanks to Aldi’s in Mankato, MN we survive. I save so much more money and time on shopping here compared to when I shop at Walmart or Hy-Vee. I have a 2 a week habit of giving Plasma at BioLife Plasma Center then going to Aldi’s right after. Aldi’s is my first choice then I will go to Kwik Trip for eggs and milk, then Walmart for refrigerated salads and toilet papaer. Can you possible get a Aldi’s in Duluth MN and in Brooking SD as my children go to college in these two areas. In fact when ever they come home or we go visit them it’s always Aldi’s goodies that they get treated with. Thanks Again Aldi’s.

  62. Deanoman777 says:

    We feed a family of five, for less than $60 per week. I’m talking about breakfast, lunch and dinner. I cannot state how much I love Aldi.

  63. I love to shop Aldi, especially at holiday time. I always get a vast majority of all baking items needed, except for obscure specialty baking items. I love it when the fresh cranberries and butter goes on sale, no other store can compare to the price. It really helps people who are on a strict budget, as I am a college student. The store is also very easy to get in and get out with what you need and at a really good price.

  64. I always purchase my ibuprofen there! Half the price of drugstores. I do miss their wonderful frozen asparagus spears. Aldi, please bring them back!!

  65. Really like our Aldi but the produce is horrible. Usually rotten in the store. I’ve seen other people say they get great produce there but not in St. Cloud, FL!

  66. Got an ALDI coming to Easley SC

  67. Connie Kelp says:

    We finally got an Aldi in Cadillac Michigan! !! Wooo hooo!!!

  68. we live in a digital plastic world so when i seen no credit cards i was shocked, I know you have to pay 1 to 4% to except credit cards and you can keep your prices down by not having to pay that but I have went to places before that if you wanted to use a credit card they told you they had to add that percentage to your bill in order to accept it!! how about it??

  69. I was recently introduced to Aldi from a friend at work. There has been one in my area for quite a long time but I’d never been in there. I was totally surprised. I didn’t take my own bags the first time and had to buy bags they have for sale. Now, I always return with the bags I purchased previously. I have 2 of the ‘cold bags’ and I love them. The last time I was in there I spent $100 and my shopping cart was completely full. I joked to my husband that I feel like I”m robbing someone when I shop there because at Kroger’s or Walmart, $100 would only fill the bottom of the buggy. Thanks Aldi!

  70. I am in LOVE with ALDI. Stop several times a week because it is on my way home from work. There isn’t many things I can’t find there. Sometimes I will want something that is only seasonal and have to either wait or go somewhere else. Even though I’m in there a LOT, the cashier never hesitates to ask me if I was able to find everything. I couldn’t find an item one time and the cashier said “Oh, we moved that, how many did you want?” She went to the case and got what I couldn’t find! You won’t find that kind of service in many other stores. Even if there is a long line, the cashiers are lightening fast!

  71. The produce goes bad really fast and some items are not as good as the competitors (ie Cereals and soups). The lines are always terrible here in Nashville. Not too bad for basics, but could never replace the major chains I shop.

  72. Go ALDI!
    Favorite grocery store, plus I’m from Batavia!!

  73. Interesting on the justification for having produce prepackaged. Does what they save on employees’ time weighing produce really offset the cost of the packaging? I might shop there more if not for that, but the waste generated by all of the plastic wrap and polystyrene trays really bothers me!

  74. Actually, what a lot of people also are unaware of, is that a lot of their products are name brand items in their own packaging. So when people turn their nose up, or say they don’t like some of their products, I kind of laugh since I know that bit of info and they don’t!

  75. I thought it was because they use horse meat.

  76. I miss ALDI so much!!! Wish there was one close in Northern WI! :) I’ve secretly always wanted to work at one! :)

  77. Aldi is a decent place to shop and save money. However, the meat and produce there is not good. One initial observation of the beef cuts, they look pale and non appetizing. The ground beef looked decent. I purchased basic ground beef 2 times at Aldi. The first time we got sick eating the ground beef. I thought it was a fluke and purchased ground beef again, consumed it, and got ill again. The produce is just not right. I bought some apples and bananas and they never spoiled. You would think that this would be a good thing, but the bananas never turned brown even after sitting on my counter for 3 weeks. This is not natural. All quality bananas will ripen withing a week.
    I have never had issues with the frozen food or canned foods. Basic items like salt, flour, sugar, etc., are great. I do buy the basic stuff at Aldi, but stay away from the meat and produce.

  78. Esther Luna says:

    We have lived in Chicago and Pennsylvania where we were used to Aldi. When we prepared to move to Texas in 2010, we were disappointed to hear that there were no Aldis there. Amazingly, Aldi opened a whole lot of stores near us at the same time that we moved here! In fact, one that opened just as we were moving in, is a 10 minute walk from our house! I enjoyed teaching new customers about the unique ways in which Aldi operates. I have found the staff to be extremely warm and helpful. There also seems to be a sense of comradery among the customers, a very diverse bunch of people. When I only have a few items, it is unusual for someone with more items to not offer to allow me in line ahead of him. We absolutely love the benefits of Aldi so conveniently located close to our home. Something I hadn’t seen mentioned yet is the chocolate– High quality European dark chocolates!

  79. I love Aldi. Started shopping there in the late 1970′s! When I was stationed in what was then West Germany, I was shocked when I saw an Aldi there (Specifically, an Aldi Sud, which is the branch of Aldi that runs the American Aldi stores); I had just assumed it was an American Midwest store. I love it when I find the German specialty items; it’s an opportunity to have a little treat from my past. I will never forget the first time I took my grandson in one; he was surprised by how nice it was. His paternal family was always talking it down. Unfortunately, Aldi still has a pretty poor reputation amongst those who know no better. Still, these days, I see a lot of expensively dressed people in the store with me. You know times are tight when the Lexus crowd starts parking in the Aldi lot.

    There is another local chain in this area that has prices that compete well with Aldi, an employee-owned business that uitilizes some of the same strategies that Aldi’s uses, but which prides itself on it’s vast selections. It’s actually overwhelming. I prefer Aldi, I <3 Aldi. :-)

    Well, thanks for letting me yarn about my favorite grocer. :-)

  80. I live at Syracuse, NY. And just came back from Aldi. One of my friend has told me that they are Cheap. Really was shocked. Because the the SALT not just salt everything, they were selling was so much cheaper even than Walmart or the another market calls ” Price Rite.” But the only thing that they would have change is the size of store. If the double it the size that would be even much better. People would be coming more and more.

    Next to Aldi there is a rip off super-market ” Price Chopper.” I can’t imagine why people are shopping from there? there prices are (can’t say!) although it’s busy. Lollll. What the hell is wrong with people? Why people don’t support them by shopping. From now and on, I will be shopping at Aldi.

    • Aldi is as big as it needs to be. Doubling the size of th e store would simply increase the cost to build, operate, and maintain; therefore, increasing the cost of the product. Aldi has spent a great deal of time and effort to optimize in order to maintain those wonderfully low prices. It’s just about perfect already, trust the system. Enjoy!

  81. I love Aldi!!!!! I haven’t seen anyone mention the wine variety at ALDI, but my husband & I prefer the $2.89 Winking Owl brand: Merlot, Cab Sav, & Pinot Grigo over the more expensive bottles at other stores. Seriously. And the food quality?! I don’t think we’ve ever been disappointed. Highly recommend ALDI!

  82. Unfortunately wine is not available in ALDI’s stores in all states due to strict liquor laws. Would be great if we could get it here….last time I shopped at ALDI’s in another state I was surprised to see such great prices on the wine. Good to hear that they taste good as well!


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