Easter Chick Cupcakes

Easter Chick Cupcakes

You know I love the Wilton Candy Eyeballs, right?  I had to make an Easter cupcake with them.  I made these Easter Chick Cupcakes

 First, I frosted the cupcakes with yellow frosting.  Next, I “dipped” them in coconut dyed with yellow food coloring.  With a little dab of frosting, I added the Wilton Candy Eyeballs.  The beak is a jelly bean cut into a triangle.  You could also use a gumdrop.  I think they’re cute!!

Frugal Tips:  Look for your Easter baking supplies and candy at ALDI food stores.  I was surprised to see name-brand candy there like Peeps, Starburst Jelly Beans (what I used for this project), M&Ms, Hershey, and others.  For Wilton supplies, I look at Michael’s Craft stores.  They regularly have a 40% off one item coupon (both in the Sunday paper and via their mobile app) that often can be put towards the Wilton Baking Supplies.

aldi easter candy aldi easter candy

  easter cupcakes


Nutter Butter Turkey Cookies for Thanksgiving

nutter butter turkey cookies thanksgiving

How cute are these Nutter Butter Turkey Cookies?  They’d be perfect on the table at Thanksgiving.  To make them, you’ll need:

Step #1:  Choose your candy for the turkey’s nose, wattle, and feet.  Use a serrated knife to “saw” the M&Ms in half.  I used the red ones as the turkey wattle and the brown ones as the turkey feet.  Really, you could use similar candy for any of these parts.  It’s a fun way to use up any leftover Halloween candy (if there is any). Yes, some will break.  You may have to eat your mistakes.  I have really been having fun making seasonal treats from the Wilton Candy Eyes.  I also used them to make Spider Cupcakes and Elmo Cupcakes.  You can buy them at craft stores that carry cake decorating supplies, or on Amazon.com.

nutter butter turkey cookies

Step #2: Break the Oreos in half and use the part with the most white frosting on it as the base to hold the turkey upright.   Add additional white frosting on top to provide extra support.

nutter butter turkey

Step #3:   Secure the candy corn to the back of one half of an Oreo as turkey feathers.

nutter butter turkey

Step #4:   Add frosting to the back of the Nutter Butter cookie where the turkey feathers will go.  Press together.

Nutter Butter Turkey Cookies for Thanksgiving - Frugal Bites