Shrink Your Grocery Bills Without Using Coupons… and WIN!

instant bargains

When I tell people I run a deal site and give advice on how to snag groceries for less, most people jump to the conclusion that I use a lot of coupons.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  There were times in my life that yes, I clipped coupons.  A LOT of coupons.  I also had more time then.  As a busy mom, I now feel I’ve got more effective ways to use my time.  I still clip high-value coupons when I see them.  I just don’t go nuts with the Sunday paper.  And, I STILL don’t spend a lot on groceries.

There are so many other ways to save money, shrink your grocery bills and eat well for less.  My book, Instant Bargains, includes 600+ tips on how to do just that.   The book doesn’t just include my own tips, it includes advice from my friends, family and the Mommysavers Discussion Forum Members.   I want to offer you a copy of my book as well as $25 to spend at ALDI.  If you haven’t discovered ALDI yet… why not?   Read more about Saving Big Bucks at ALDI on Mommysavers.

We’ve got multiple ways to enter this giveaway.  Our winner will receive a copy (I will autograph if it you’d like) as well as a $25 ALDI gift card.  Both are great resources to help you shrink your grocery bills! I will choose one winner at random on Wednesday, August 15th.  Good luck!

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