Pumpkin Deviled Eggs for Halloween


Halloween food doesn’t have to all be about candy!  Last night, I made these cute little pumpkin deviled eggs.  Basically all you do is add a little red and yellow food coloring to the egg yolk mixture for the orange color.  I used a knife to get the striated look of the pumpkins, and sprinkled with paprika.  Then, I cut a strip of lettuce for the pumpkin’s stem.  You could also use chives or green onions for that.  My boys (the big one AND the little one) love these things.  All twelve were gone within about half an hour.

Frugal Tips:  Eggs just may be the most versatile frugal food.  Plus, they’re a really inexpensive source of protein.  It’s easy to compare the price of eggs to the price of other protein foods. A dozen large eggs weigh 1 1/2 pounds, so the price per pound of large eggs is two-thirds of the price per dozen. For example, if large eggs cost 90¢ per dozen, they cost 60¢ per pound. At $1.20 per dozen, large eggs are only 80¢ per pound.*

Source:  Incredible Edible Egg

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